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Public Parking Garage Bathroom

VariGLAZE (floor & countertop) and ChromaGLAZE (walls)

The photos in this project gallery feature our VariGLAZE process. This restorative bonding process utilizes two very durable coatings plus decorative accent chips to overlay the entire surface. The base is a pigmented coating available in a variety of colors; the top coat is a clear coating. This process will change the color of both the tile and grout to create a neat, unified look. A special compound of micro-particles can be added to enhance appearance and improve the coefficient of friction. VariGLAZE℠ provides an exceptionally high level of appearance and the ultimate in protection.

The following steps are used to transform your tile and grout surfaces with SaniGLAZE.

      Step 1: The tile surface is cleaned and prepped to remove contaminants and to prepare tile and grout for application of SaniGLAZE® coatings.

      Step 2: SaniMAX-C® is installed as protective shield over the entire surface.

      Step 3: Decorative SaniCHIPS™ are applied over the shield.

      Step 4: SaniMAX® is installed as protective shield over the SaniCHIPS™ and the entire surface.

      Step 5: You are able to enjoy your like-new tile and grout surface.


SAN238-VariGLAZE Technical Drawing